If your water heater is in excellent shape, it can provide hot water to your home with minimum fuss. You get a quick and consistent stream of hot water for chores, showers, baths and much more. But water heaters can’t run forever, so it’s worthwhile to get a head start on new water heater installation in Fredericksburg. That way you can make a quick, seamless transition from the previous model to the new one.

If you think you’re interested in water heater installation in Fredericksburg, get in touch with our experienced installers at Childress Heating & AC. We can offer quotes, new model ideas and some of the greatest customer support in the community. To request a free estimate, give us a call at 540-675-4306. But if you’re still not sure, let’s dive into how you can figure out if water heater installation is your ideal move.

Five Signs You Need Water Heater Installation

1. Your Water Heater Is More than 10 Years Old

An old or worn out water heater can cause a variety of problems, including water blockages, inadequate heating, corrosion and heating tank problems. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it might be time to get a new water heater.

2. Lack of or Sporadic Hot Water

The most prevalent clue homeowners use to realize their existing water heater isn’t functioning right is simply a lack of hot water. When sediment blocks the heating elements, the appliance may fail to transfer sufficient heat. This could result in the water struggling to reach the desired temperature, or just taking too much time to do so. Both issues can be costly and inconvenient, particularly in large homes.

3. Cloudy or Discolored Water

No one wants brown or rust-colored water spilling out of their showerhead or filling up their bathtub. If the water from the taps or plumbing fixtures seems cloudy or discolored, it probably means there is sediment or rust buildup within your tank.

4. Loud or Unusual Noises

Have you noticed any noises that resemble a pop, rumbling or bubbling sound? If your water heater is making strange sounds, it’s most often because there’s a problem. Whether that’s because of excess sediment, cracks or corrosion, you should get a professional to identify and fix the problem.

5. Strange, Unpleasant Odors

A moldy, musty odor implies there may be sulfate bacteria growing in your water heater. In other instances, it means a corroded heating element, but this will smell a lot more like rotten eggs. In extreme situations, the rotten egg smell may be originating from a gas leak near the water heater’s fuel supply.

Perks of New Water Heater Installation

You can save money and energy — new water heater models are typically smaller, more resilient and notably more energy efficient. Greater energy savings also means lower operating costs. Over time, getting a new water heater is a great way to save money on that monthly energy bill.

Cleaner, healthier water supply — old water heaters might have significant amounts of built up minerals such as calcium and magnesium, on top of other sediment buildup. While this isn’t hazardous independently, the damage they can produce for other components could lead to harmful chemicals leaking into your hot water supply.

Opportunity to upgrade to a tankless water heater — buying a tankless water heater can mean more consistency and convenience according to your home’s specific hot water needs. Tankless models are different from traditional water heaters because they produce hot water when you need it rather than keeping a supply continually heated. A high-efficiency tankless water heater can offer reduced maintenance needs, can fit in smaller spaces and provide the opportunity to pick between electric or natural gas. Childress Heating & AC can help you decide which model is right for you.

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